“The yoga practice was completely invaluable, from the breathing techniques to the strength in my legs and being able to use different postures at different points in the labour!”

YogaBirthing Pre Natal Yoga

From January 2018, I’m teaching Pregnancy Yoga from Ebb&Flow, a brand new studio in central Farnham. Please book in by going to their website:

My Prenatal classes are all about getting you ready for what may be the biggest physical and emotional event of your life. You wouldn’t run a marathon without training, preparing physically and mentally for birth just makes sense!

I’ve done extensive post graduate training and am passionate about helping empower women to go into the birth that unfolds for them with a full ‘toolbox’.
Yoga tools are invaluable in pretty much all pregnancy and labour scenarios, directly alleviating aches and pains and keeping you grounded.

My YogaBirthing Bootcamp is all about teaching you how to ‘be in control of letting go of being in control’, so that you can embrace whatever birth unfolds.

Every class incorporates yoga stretching and strengthening to alleviate pregnancy aches and pains and prepare your body for birth.
You’ll also learn Specific BIRTH TOOLS like: 
*Ocean breathing and Vocal Toning to access endorphins
*Posture & Pelvic Floor exercises for Birth and beyond.
*Labour Positions to work WITH your uterus and baby
*Natural induction and dealing with ‘stalled labour’
* What Pain? Accupressure, massage and self hypnosis for all births




    Classes held at Ebb&Flow Yoga, Farnham
    Thurs 7.30-9pm
    Mondays workshops ‘Birthing Bootcamp’
    Details at: www.ebbflowyoga.co.uk
    Ph: 01252 715933




“Your classes have been so hugely beneficial in preparing me for this birth and I’ve really enjoyed coming along.” Nikki

“The training from class was extremely helpful during the labour. Thanks for all the work and knowledge you provided in class.” Chrissy

“I birthed a 9lb 6 baby just through breathing, gas and air and seemingly finding my inner bear!  Thanks again for all the tools, techniques and confidence.” Amanda

“Pre-natal yoga with Linda was brilliant during my second pregnancy. Linda is such a knowledgeable and kind teacher. She showed me how to stay mobile without overdoing things, despite an SPD diagnosis at 24 weeks. She also taught us a whole range of tips and techniques that really worked when I went in to labour. Highly recommend this class!” – Elaine