‘Core Health is Your Core Wealth’

Women’s Pelvic Floor & Core workshop
Saturday May 13th

What’s it all about?

YOU!! Many women (in fact, some studies say up to 80%) suffer from some form of pelvic floor dysfunction during their lives.

A functioning body is our birth right and is achievable.
Most of the time, we’ve simply never learnt the tools to claim it!

In this wellness workshop you’ll learn about:
* Real pelvic floor function – and why you may have pain, incontinence, prolapse
* Posture realignment and the knock on wellbeing effects
* Core stability and the magic breath connection
* Key nutritional advice for women

The ‘how to’s’ to get your health back on track!

The internal support system within the pelvic bowl and how this can be lost.
Postural re alignment to ignite your core muscles and find energy.
Accessing the magic breath connection between the diaphragm and the pelvic floor.
Recognition of tension patterns, their effect on your wellbeing and release exercises.
Corrective movement patterns to incorporate into your daily life.
Basic self assessment – am I too tight or too loose in the pelvic floor? You can then talk to the Women’s Pelvic Health Physio’s attending and find out what your best course of action is.

You’ll also get to connect with a great bunch of women, all seeking wellness and strength just as you are. Sometimes the most important part of regaining your health and self esteem is realising that you’re not alone.

I believe that there has never been a more important time for women to fully show up in this world. We need to feel fit and strong to do so, but core dysfunction and posture induced pain can hamper our best intentions.
So let’s get real, let’s talk about women’s health openly and in a supportive, collaborative way and let’s all make a commitment to SHINE our FEMININE LIGHT.
Our Health is our Wealth ladies 🙂

Saturday May 13th, The Wellbeing Space Farnham.
2-4pm with chat and therapies afterwards.

  • Saturday May 13th 2-4pm
  • The Wellbeing Space, Farnham
  • Launch special: £35

The Wellbeing Space
Ph: 01252 726110

After the workshop there will be optional mini Massage & Reiki therapy sessions available, plus refreshments & chat with Specialist Women’s Pelvic Health Physiotherapists attending for free questions/advice.